The Mayor of London sits at the apex of government in our capital city. The role was created to shape and improve public services in London. We need our public services to be well run and to be improved in order to secure London’s place as a global city and safeguard the future prosperity of all Londoners. I have a Plan for London to do just that and it is a plan which gives all Londoners hope.

The Greenhalgh Plan4London will:

1. Cut tube and rail fares by 3% annually.

This ‘Fare Deal for Londoners’ will save the average Zone 1-3 Travelcard holder £900 over 4 years. I will protect front line capital investment in tube and rail services while growing income from external sources including TfL’s extensive land holdings, introducing modern operating technology and rooting out inefficiency in back office functions and procurement. I will negotiate for the Mayor to take control of all suburban rail services serving London.

2. Build 100,000 new low cost homes for Londoners to own over 4 years.

I will deliver 50,000 of these as affordable homes for essential city workers – the police officers, paramedics, firefighters, nurses, doctors and teachers who keep the city alive. I will build 50,000 starter homes to own on TfL and GLA land. I will ensure that these homes are lived in by people who have lived or worked in London for at least 3 years and not left vacant. I will negotiate with government to change the method of securing public contributions from developers for new housing so that a prescribed share of their end profit is always obtained and not just an up-front contribution that often represents poor value.

3. Maintain a safe capital city on reduced budgets.

I will use council tax and growth from business rates to protect neighbourhood policing with 5,000 dedicated officers. I will deliver a faster emergency service response by integrating support functions, rationalising buildings and merging control rooms. I will support the Met Police to prevent more crime through innovation and smarter use of technology and I will champion devolution of London’s criminal justice system in order to reduce first time criminals dramatically, ensure swifter justice for victims of crime and reduce re-offending rates in London – saving taxpayers £500 million.

4. Tackle the air pollution which blights our city. 

I will ban all dirty diesel vehicles that fail to meet ‘Euro 6 emission’ standards (i.e. the dirtiest trucks, vans and buses) from central London as fast as humanly possible. I will ensure the faster substitution of TfL’s more polluting buses with the latest hybrid and hydrogen powered models. I will encourage the uptake of electric vehicles by more than tripling the existing number of charging points.

5. Improve the quality of London’s bus service.

I will ensure that every bus becomes a “jobs express” for shift workers whilst freezing bus fares for 4 years. I will ensure that bus routes are optimised so that the services are provided in the places and at the times when demand is the greatest and I pledge not to cut overall bus mileage.