We need the strongest possible field and I am very pleased that Stephen Greenhalgh has decided to contest the nomination after an outstanding career in London government and in his current role as Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime.
Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Stephen Greenhalgh has shown a tireless commitment to the diversity and inclusion agenda. He has been an avid and dedicated supporter of the work of the National Black Women’s Network around women in business and their contribution to the success of London’s economy. He has worked tirelessly around diversity and the talent pipeline which has been demonstrated by his ongoing work to increase representation of BAME officers in the Met Police.

Stephen’s impressive track record as an entrepreneur and public servant speaks for itself and I wholeheartedly support his candidacy. I believe he will make an excellent Mayor.

Sonia Brown MBE, Founder of National Black Women’s Network

Stephen would bring energy, enthusiasm and commitment as London’s Mayor. His bid to become the Conservative party candidate in 2016 should be taken extremely seriously and I applaud his pledge to bring tube and bus fares down. This is a real issue for Londoners.

Steve Norris, former Mayoral Candidate and TfL Board Member
Stephen was instrumental in helping us to open The Fulham Boys School, a new Church of England free school for boys in West London. In fact, without him, I doubt we would have been able to open. He combines a real passion for London with the practical ability to solve problems and get things done.
Sophia Wade, Founder and Governor of The Fulham Boys School
An incoming Mayor must deliver and be able to manage the whole Transport for London ‘empire’ cost effectively and with new directions. Stephen Greenhalgh has fully demonstrated his innovative powers and skill in making costs savings as Deputy Mayor and as a former London borough leader.
Richard Tracey AM, GLA Conservative transport lead since 2008
I believe that Stephen Greenhalgh is the natural successor to Boris. Stephen campaigned tirelessly to stop Charing Cross Hospital being downgraded and was the first local politician to oppose the Super Sewer coming to Fulham. As council leader he cut council tax repeatedly so my constituents now pay the third lowest council tax in the country whilst local services improved dramatically.
Rt. Hon. Greg Hands MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury
Stephen Greenhalgh’s plans to reduce Tube fares by three per cent are achievable — there is a lot of waste in TfL and there are efficiencies that can be driven out. These are practical ideas for lowering costs and reducing fares.
Brian Cooke, TfL Board Member and former chairman of London TravelWatch
Stephen has a first class track record as both a council leader and deputy mayor for policing and crime. Crime in the capital has fallen steeply against a background of the Met needing to make huge savings. Stephen has also encouraged the City of London
and Met police to work in harness to tackle the scourge of cyber fraud and money laundering. I believe that Stephen would make a formidable Mayor of London.
Rt. Hon. Mark Field MP
Working with Stephen in his role as Deputy Mayor for Policing, I’ve always been struck by his determination and focus to deliver change for the better. He’s prepared to roll up his sleeves to get to grips with challenges and make his case with passion and thought. Blended with his good humour and commitment to public service it makes him a really effective advocate for London.
Rt. Hon. James Brokenshire, MP Home Office Minister and London MP
I’m backing Stephen Greenhalgh to be the next Mayor of London. He has a terrific track record of delivery for ordinary Londoners. He’s what our capital city needs to stay ahead in the global race.
Alex Chalk, MP for Cheltenham
I have known Stephen Greenhalgh for many years as a Conservative activist and leading London local politician. He has excellent leadership skills, a reputation for integrity and hard work and, an indispensable quality in politics, achieving results quickly when required.

Stephen has a first class intellect and he has always taken an interest in my work as London’s longest serving MEP. To his credit he recognises the need to combine a reformist agenda with a positive approach to the EU that will help us protect the City of London in order for it to remain the world’s financial services capital.

Stephen as a Deputy London Mayor for Policing and Crime and former leader of Hammersmith & Fulham Council is very well qualified to be London’s next Conservative Mayor, an office which he deserves to win. I urge all Londoners to support him.

Dr. Charles Tannock, MEP